• Individual Therapy

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    Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


    We are living in uncertain times. Never before has it been more challenging to maintain a sense of balance, of what really matters. If you have the feeling that something in your life is not right, that there is more for you, that perhaps you’re living in fear, disconnection with others or yourself, then therapy with me could be the way to come to know yourself more fully.

    You can live from the center of your being, and learn to accept who you are, as you are; this is your right. This means learning to trust in yourself, believing that you are enough, and resting in the deeper truth that you are whole. Once here, life energy flows from within, and you’ll discover that it is truly boundless.

    Many of us get stuck in patterns that do not serve us. These old ways of coping create disconnection, a pervasive sense of separateness clouding the possibility of richer, more meaningful relationships. Therapy with me can help you go deep and to the source, resolving old inner wounds and trauma. This can be a re-experiencing of your deepest and best self, and an emergence of who you truly are, of who you’ve always been.