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    When you stop controlling food,

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    Eating Disorder



    Eating issues can show up in lots of different ways. Obsession with food and exercise may affect your ability to focus, your moods, and impact your performance at school, work, or in relationships. Food restriction and weight loss can even lead to cognitive impairment, cardiovascular issues, and multiple organ failure.


    When you’re living with an eating disorder, there’s not much room for anything else. The obsession with how, when, and what you eat, or don’t eat, takes precedence over everything—your health, your relationships, your hopes, and your dreams. Eating disorders are an all-consuming attack on your body and mind.


    Behind every person’s eating struggles is a story not yet told, and emotions not yet discovered or heard.

    In therapy, you can begin to open up about all of the behaviors, concerns, and feelings that you’d been working hard to hide from others and maybe even from yourself. Opening up takes a lot of courage, but the rewards can be immense as well. You will begin to look at your struggles in a whole new light, and you will acquire new coping strategies to manage your life.

    Living with an Eating Disorder is Difficult

    In part, because eating disorders are complex conditions, involving biological, psychological and societal elements. As the combined effect of these elements naturally varies from one individual to another, I offer personalized treatment to cater to an individual’s unique situation, and give them the best chance of recovery. Here’s some information on the conditions I typically treat.
  • My approach

    I utilize The Health At Every Size approach in working with adults and adolescents with emotional eating and binge-eating issues. This is a non-diet approach that focuses on stopping the vicious diet-binge cycle and the yo-yo weight loss and regain phenomenon that we have all been so familiar with as part of our current diet culture.

    The "Healthy Mind- Healthy Weight Program" focuses on developing a healthy relationship with food, physical activity as well as with one’s body and mind. This program works on two parallel lines: the initial focus is on bringing structure and balance to eating and adding pleasant physical activities to daily living and fostering intuitive relationship with food and physical activity.
    The parallel focus is on understanding the connection between food and feelings and developing value based coping mechanisms with emotions which are often the triggers to over-eating and bingeing and working toward fostering a new way of relating to oneself and one’s body based on self-acceptance and self-compassion.

    This opens the door to an unfolding process of self-discovery, leading to greater awareness and acceptance of emotions, improved assertiveness in relationships and effectiveness in coping with stressful life situations. Once emotional eating is under control, food and weight issues can be better addressed, a value based life style and a healthy weight can be achieved and maintained.

  • My areas of expertise

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    Therapy for Men